"The quest for identity is always a violent quest" - Marshall McLuhan (1977)

Identity is constructed, construction becomes excess. Everything remains an expression of one's own search for identity. The subject of consideration must be the essence of the construction. It is decisive for collective phenomena. The medium creates the net in which we move. The task is to closely observe the nature of the network. We examine his tissue and explore the paths of its ramifications. It is an attempt to understand. It is an attempt to find one's place in the net, an attempt to sharpen one's self-perception.
"Except for light, all other media come in pairs, with one acting as the "content" of the other, obscuring the operation of both." - Marshall McLuhan (1964)

The instruction of the experiment dictates the self-presentation according to the ideas of the norm and one's own habits.
The recording produces iconic images. Archetypal gestures manifest themselves as monuments of the zeitgeist. Constantly identical patterns expose clichés. Thus, the structure of the aesthetic movements in the network gradually becomes clearer.
The search for identity is clouded in the constant struggle for recognition. As an effective guarantor, one often resorts to extreme latently lascivious forms of expression. In fast-moving impulses, internal and external intimacies are revealed to the public. The deeper we look into the seemingly infinite honeycomb structure, the more we know and understand about it, the clearer becomes the general opacity of the complex whole. A pull on a string potentially affects each other - and we do not know who is also pulling at it.
The starting point remains the experiment for the acquisition of a sharper reflectivity by means of distance.
The playful guided look at the documentation of one's own self in the practice of contemporary clichés seems to be effective for this purpose. A perfuming staged confrontation with one's own lifeworld can certainly become a pleasurable activity. This encourages ongoing engagement with the topic. We spin new threads into the net and formulate the language of our time.

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