Self-Expressive Service
The human is self-staging, intuitive and under pressure. He is always on the run. Recipient is producer and producer authentic. The stage is space, the space is boundless. It is virtual and existent. Its strings penetrate us. It is more net than space. We disintegrate into binary weaving and spin ourselves into it. Identity is being constructed. The construction becomes excess. Everything remains an expression of one's own search for identity. The object of observation must be the substance of the construction. It is crucial for collective phenomena.
The medium creates the network in which we operate. The task is the exact observation of the nature of the net. We examine its tissue and explore the paths of its branches. It is an attempt to understand. It is an attempt to find one's own place in the net, an attempt to sharpen self-perception.
The Experiment
Our observation is based on the shift of one's own position to the outside. The distanced view of oneself should become our tool for gaining knowledge. First, we act within the network as far as possible. This action should be captured and reflected. The instruction of the experiment determines the staging of our self according to the ideas of norm and our own habits.
The Manifestation
The recording brings out iconic images. Archetypal gestures are manifested as monuments of the zeitgeist. Ever-same patterns unmask clichés. Thus the structure of the aesthetic movements in the net gradually becomes clearer. The verbal and communicative characteristics are to be examined in a laboratory situation. An artificial miniature network within the real model provides the appropriate fertile ground. The instruction stimulates ironic exaggeration. It requires a prior research of public interaction in one's own and in the popular surroundings.
The search for identity is clouded in the constant struggle for recognition. As an effective guarantor, extreme latent lascivious forms of expression are frequently used. Inner and outer intimacies are revealed to the public in fast-moving momentum. The deeper we look into the seemingly infinite honeycomb structure, the more we know and understand about it, the clearer the general opacity of the complex whole becomes. A pull on one string potentially influences everyone else - and we don't know who is dragging it.
The starting point continues to be the experiment to acquire a sharper reflectivity by means of distance.
The playfully guided view of the documentation of one's own self in the exercise of contemporary clichés seems to be effective for this. Not all connections are clear. The net is not decoded. Yet the decisive thing is to ask these questions at all. The attempt to answer them oneself creates an awareness of the complexity in which one moves.
The Bottom Line
A perfomatively staged confrontation with one's own world of life can certainly grow into a pleasurable activity. This encourages a continuous engagement with the subject. Beyond the enlightening aspect, it stimulates creative actions that play with and break with the investigated clichés. In this way we spin new strings into the web and articulate the language of our time.
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