The artwork was part of the exhibition HELLE KINDHEIT | DUNKLE KINDHEIT ¬ at Museum Villa Rot between 2017 and 2018
Snow Cuboids is a video installation in the nostalgic shelf of your nursery. Three framed screens show looped animations of different characters. A mirror and the chest of drawers in the bedroom are sufficient as access to whole worlds. Contingencies can be touched and celebrated playfully. Banal things and scrap become artefacts. Media and zeitgeist are absorbed and naively combined, blended and thought through. It is the completely unreserved artistic confrontation with the world.
Exhibition 2017 - 2018: HELLE KINDHEIT | DUNKLE KINDHEIT ¬Museum Villa Rot, Germany
"In Michael Fetzer's installation Snow Cuboids this diversity of childlike reality is met. He is concerned with the creative power and inventiveness of the child. The characteristic of this is the second animation in the shelving system, in which a boy stands in front of a mirror and turns into different characters. What could become of him? Astronaut, rock star, businessman or homeless? What measures must be taken to help him develop his individuality? The latter, incidentally, a question that strongly influenced pedagogy in the 20th century and still shapes the discussions to this day!" - Museum Villa Rot (2017)
Sketches & Characters

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