Take a look at my animated art. I strive to transport different emotions to the viewer. The most of these nostalgic artworks have an autobiographic background. My aim is to give these atmospheric animations a more generally valid approach.

You will also find are some “over the top blockbuster styled” clips. Click on Studio Süd for further informations.

Snow Cuboids
Studio Süd
Drawing & Digital Painting
Photography I


Besides my interest in aesthetics I startet drawing for autobiographic reasons – like a visual diary. This collection of artwors delivers a deep view into my concepts and mind. Scroll to the very bottom of drawing & digital painting and watch my work evolving.

Photography trains my eyes in terms of composition and perspective but also in motion. It helps me to untangle my visual interests.


This is a showcase of some projects I did in colaboration with other artists. It is always inspiring to get a second view on things.

Photography II | ZL
Algorithm of the mind
Cinema Commercial


2017 | ‘canvases and other strange creatures‘, Donauhallen, Donaueschingen, Germany
2015 | ‘100 years of archeology on the Limburg‘, Rathaus, Weilheim an der Teck, Germany
since 2014 | Participation in the annual summer exhibtion at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany
2013 | ‘dekart’ Design + Art-Academy Reutlingen, German
since 2013 | Studies of Fine Art at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany
1994 | born in Reutlingen, Germany


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