Animation & Film

Take a look at my animated art. I strive to transport different emotions to the viewer. The most of these nostalgic artworks have an autobiographic background. My aim is to give these atmospheric animations a more generally valid approach.

You will also find some “over the top blockbuster styled” clips. Click on Studio Süd for further informations.

Drawing & Digital Painting


This collection of artworks delivers a deep view into my concepts and mind. The drawing is the heart of my work while photography trains my eyes in terms of composition, perspective and motion.


This is a showcase of some projects I did in collaboration with other artists. It is always inspiring to get a second view on things.

[No Title]
Algorithm of the mind
Cinema Commercial


2018 | ‘Helle Kindheit | Dunkle Kindheit’ Villa Rot, Germany
2017 | ‘canvases and other strange creatures’, Donauhallen, Donaueschingen, Germany
2015 | ‘100 years of archeology on the Limburg’, Rathaus, Weilheim an der Teck, Germany
since 2014 | Participation in the annual summer exhibition at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany
2013 | ‘dekart‘ Design + Art-Academy Reutlingen, German
since 2017 | Lecturer at dekart‘ Design + Art-Academy Reutlingen, Germany
since 2013 | Studies of Fine Art at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany
1994 | born in Reutlingen, Germany